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We've created the most advanced formulations and high-quality, on-trend colors for you. So smile, be unique, be radiant, be you.

? Eyes ?

  • Volumizing Brow Gel - Brunette
    Volumizing Brow Gel-Brunette $19.00
  • Micro Brow Pencil - Warm Brunette
    Micro Brow Pencil-Warm Brunette $19.00
  • Brow Powder Duo - Warm Brunette
    Brow Powder Duo-Warm Brunette $21.00
  • Duo Eyeliner Black/White
    Duo Eyeliner Black/White-Black/White $10.00
  • JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Eyeshadow Quad
    JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Eyeshadow Q... $40.00
  • Felt Tip Eyeliner
    Felt Tip Eyeliner $15.00
  • Weightless Volume Mascara
    Weightless Volume Mascara $17.00
  • High Shine Powder Eyeshadow Singles
    High Shine Powder Eyeshadow Si... $12.00
  • Powder Eyeshadow Trio Wet/Dry Formula
    Powder Eyeshadow Trio Wet/Dry ... $18.00
  • Kajal Eyeliner
    Kajal Eyeliner $13.00
  • Eye Pencil
    Eye Pencil-Black $13.00
  • Liquid Eyeliner
    Liquid Eyeliner $13.00
  • Lash Stretching Mascara
    Lash Stretching Mascara $15.00
  • Lash Maximizing Mascara
    Lash Maximizing Mascara $17.00
  • Inkwell Eyeliner
    Inkwell Eyeliner-Coffee $13.00
  • Automatic Eyeliner
    Automatic Eyeliner-Plum $12.00
  • Curl Luxe Mascara
    Curl Luxe Mascara $15.00
  • High Definition Waterproof Mascara
    High Definition Waterproof Mas... $15.00
  • Escalash Mascara
    Escalash Mascara $15.00
  • Volume Building Mascara
    Volume Building Mascara $15.00